Four Play Clarinet


Four Play clarinet's popularity is constantly growing. As of today, we have:


25 K+ subscribers on YouTube

3 Million+ views on our Youtube videos

10 K+ followers on Instagram

3.5 K+ likes on their Facebook page

A website + an online store with band merchandise 

Infusing a fresh and hip spirit with multicultural and international roots into a classic clarinet ensemble, Four Play clarinet puts a new twist on clarinet music and makes the instrument a la mode with their modern and sophisticated style.


Four Play clarinet seeks to combine virtuosic classical training with a passion for pop and electronic music, pushing the instrument in a new direction that explores all of its unconventional possibilities.


Go check out their official website: 



How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris/Disciples (cover)
Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics (cover)
Umbrella by Rihanna (cover)
Toxic by Britney Spears (cover)

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