Online Lessons



During the lessons, I will focus on your needs. I can help you improve technique, musicianship and sound production. I also can help you get ready for auditions and recitals. 

I am very passionate about the clarinet and would love to transmit you this passion. I am accepting students from any age and level as long as you are eager to learn, improve, and have fun with the clarinet ! 


If you are interested in taking private lessons with me and want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me and click on the box  


Frequently Asked Questions :


1. How can I start lessons?

Send me an email and tell me about yourself. We can arrange a first lesson (trial/consultation lesson) that will be free of charge. A "Trial Lesson" is usually a 30 minute long meeting where I hear you play (if you are not a complete beginner), and where we discuss your plans to study. 

2. Can anyone take lessons?

Yes! I am passionate about teaching students from any age and level!

Remember that each lesson is adapted to the needs of the student so there is no "typical lesson". During the "Trial Lesson" we will figure out your goals and set a plan.  


3. What type of lessons do you offer?

I offer two types of lessons:

-a 60-minute "lesson"

-a 90-minute "lesson and coaching"

I highly recommend my most advanced student to take this "lesson and coaching" lesson as I will have the time to show you how to effectively prepare for auditions, special recitals and college/university applications

As a side note: I have been on a full ride for my Bachelor, Master and Doctorate in Music Performance, and I know exaclty the process to choose programs and be accepted with a great scholarship in a university.


P.S. I also teach lessons in Miami and Los Angeles so if you would rather take in person lessons, please click here 



When I first came to the United States, I was quite surprised that most clarinet students do not get private clarinet lessons at school (something that doesn't exist in France).


Furthermore, if schools usually do not offer private lessons, most students have difficulties to even find an instructor close to their home. Therefore, I started teaching clarinet online through Skype in 2015 and it actually proved itself to be a very successful teaching platform.

 Most people tend to think that online lessons can't replace a lesson in person... but not having lessons is much worse.

Online lessons are a great option because it gives you the flexibility to learn your instrument from your home with a qualified musician and without wasting time and money on transportation !

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